The Peluda is described as an ox-sized creature that had the head, neck and tail of a snake,  toroise-like legs, and a porcupine-ish body.  As “porcupine-ish” would indicate, its body was covered in quills.  These green quills were not merely defensive; they could be launched as poisonous projectiles.  With its massive body and grass-like pseudo-pelage, at rest the Peluda would have resembled a grassy knoll  (amazingly, not even the wackiest conspiracy nuts have touched this).  The Peluda is said to have been  such a bad-ass that it was denied entry to Noah’s ark.  However, being a bad-ass and all, it survived the biblical flood with a chip on its shoulder.  As one would expect a wrath-minded turtle-porcupine-ox-snake monster to do, over the next several centuries it proceeded to terrorize humanity by destroying crops and devouring livestock, peasants, fair maidens, etc.   In medieval France, the Peluda met its end after eating some guy’s girlfriend.  The guy tracked down the Peluda and lopped off its tail (its only weak-point), after which it went belly-up and died.