Today we have another French dragon: the Tarasque.  The Tarasque is often portrayed as an extremely powerful dragon with a turtle shell and a lion- or cat-like head.  It was said to have terrorized the countryside(eating people) until it was confronted by St. Martha.  St. Martha witnessed to the Tarasque and apparently it converted to Christianity.  She then led it to a nearby town to show the people that there was no longer anything to fear.  The townspeople came pouring out of their houses to meet them.  However, to the Tarasque’s disappointment, they weren’t coming to welcome their new reptilian brother in Christ with hugs and handshakes; they came with torches and pitchforks and began to go Rodney King on the now-hapless critter. They wailed on the Tarasque for a while and then it rolled over and died.  Given the seemingly invulnerable nature of the Tarasque, it said that did not succumb to the physical assault on it but rather it may have died from guilt or from the shear amount of hatred that was directed at it.