The Only Good Snake…

Today I was very amused to see a meme circulating among some herpetology pages on social media that was clearly inspired by a bumper sticker I designed some years ago. I created it when I was felt particularly frustrated about how many people cling to a hatred for snakes even when shown their ecological importance. Anyway it reads “YOU SAY, ‘the only good snake is a dead snake.’ I hear, ‘I lack a proper education in the life sciences.'” Click on the photo below to a site where they can be ordered.90_350x350_Front_Color-White


Once a nerd always a nerd

I was searching for a certain comic book panel of the Marvel super-villain, Sauron to use in a later blog post when I came across the gold nugget seen below. I’d always assumed the character was called “Sauron” in reference to being a reptile, but what this tells us is actually way more awesome; I abosutely love how this illustrates he was a nerd before being turned into a bat-shit crazy mutant pterosaur, and as a bat-shit crazy mutant pterosaur, he’s still a nerd.


The Doom Chicken and a World Record

I’ve been to Dallas Fort Worth International airport often, and frequently passed in front of the giant furcula statue installed in terminal D. Today, while dropping someone off, I looked at it and began to daydream about if that were to belong to monster-sized chicken off a belligerent nature, exactly what size would the whole animal be and what kind of carnage it could inflict on a major city before being brought down by the military (and subsequently being used to serve up the most epic chicken nugget feast in the history of the universe). Then it suddenly occurred to me that this giant furcula statue may well be the world’s largest sculpture of a single osteological element of a dinosaur.  I wonder if this has occurred to anyone else or if anyone out there know of any larger sculptures representing a singular dinosaur bone?


Resurrected only to be put down… (April Fools 2019)

I’ve restarted this blog only to say, “Well that’s it!  I’m done. I’m throwing my paleo-books in the trash, burning my research notes, and repatriating all of my fossil bones to the earth from whence they came. The find described in the link below below has answered the all of the truly important questions regarding dinosaurs and the history of life on earth. I’m finally free of the curiosity that has made me beholden to those scaly bastards for more than four decades!!”

Paleontologists Make Ultimate Dinosaur Discovery