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Small undescribed theropod from the lower Jurassic of Lufeng.



The museum is filled with tons (literally) of Lufengosaurus specimens. Labelled varyingly as L. huenei, L. magnus, and L sp. These all probably represent different onotgenetic stages of L. huenei.



CIMG0770 L1

A semi-exploded Lufengosaurus skull.




CIMG0878 L4

Smallish specimen of Lufengosaurus huenei



CIMG0881 L5

A mid-size Lufengosaurus displayed next to a curiously posed Sinosaurus triassicus

CIMG0882 L6



CIMG0896 L7



CIMG0902 L8a

As awesome as this huge mount looks, I noticed that the hips  had to be seriously dislocated to get it into this position.

As a result of my trip to this  museum my mental image of Lufengosaurus has been emended from “smallish”  to “huge-ish.” Some of these things were massive

This sacrum from the Lower Jurassic of Lufeng may well represent the oldest stegosauria remains on display anywhere.  If anyone reading this knows otherwise,  I ‘d appreciate being told about it.


ZLJ0144 Stegosaurian sacrum from the lower Jurassic of Lufeng, Yunnan


In-situ Chuanjiesaurus anaensis at World Dinosaur Valley Quarry in Lufeng, China. The holotype is a bit to the left of the center and referred specimen, LCD9701-I, is at the far right side.


Chuanjiesaurus anaensis holotype Lfch1001


In-situ pelvis of Chuanjieasaurus anaensis referred specimen LCD9701-I.


More of the referred specimen LCD9701-I